Potentials of reusing steel skeleton structures from multistorey parking units for architectural applications

In the context of urban mining, which aims to extend the value chain of building components to conserve resources, save energy, avoid waste, and reduce emissions, the reuse of structural steel has great potential, that has hardly been exploited to date. In Germany, a significant amount of steel is found within multistorey parking units. Due to the standardized and mass relevant steel used in these structures and considering their diminishing significance in the context of transportation transitions, these buildings offer specific opportunities for reuse. The research aims to investigate the reuse of structural steel from parking facilities in a new architectural design purpose with focus on multistorey residential buildings, as these will become increasingly important in the future construction due to the predicted growth of the world population and global cities. The research methodology begins by identifying the reuse potential of structural steel from parking units for future multistorey residential buildings. The study then delves into the exploration of hybrid construction methods, which involve incorporating standardized steel profiles with clay and reinterpreting historical cap ceilings. These approaches aim to foster the development of innovative architectural solutions.

Circularity of clay and steel in hybrid construction systems

Manot, H.; Lienhard, J. (2023) Potentials of reusing steel skeleton structures from multistorey parking units for architectural applications. ce/papers 6, No. 3–4, pp. 385–390. https://doi.org/10.1002/cepa.2373


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